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Episode 72- Lou Barlow (Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr.) ›

Thanks to dream beam​ for the awesome podcast pic!!

Episode 70- Josiah Wolf 2 (Yoni's Brother) ›

Episode 68- Ella Yelich - O'Connor (Lorde) ›


Episode 66- Dave Portner (Avey Tare (Animal Collective)) ›

Episode 58- Tabitha Soren ›

Episode 53- Avi Finkelstein (Childhood Friend)& Josiah (Brother) ›

Bad Entropy (Buzzcut Mix) ›


Yoni’s conversation with urban dance veteran Ephrat Asherie for THE WANDERING WOLF!!

Episode 50- Ephrat “Bounce” Asherie. As part of a proposed documentary Yoni has agreed to be a part of, he meets up with dancer/choreographer, Ephrat, for a conversation in her lower Manhattan office/studio. They discuss her genesis and history as a dancer, transitioning from more traditional styles like ballet to urban styles like breaking and house dance, and how to salvage a laptop after spilling tea all over it.

Episode 40- Josiah Wolf (Yoni's Brother) ›


Sorry for the delay! Here is this week’s podcast with Yoni’s uncle, Barney Rubin!

Episode 37- Barney Rubin (Yoni’s uncle) & Josiah Wolf (brother). Barney shows up in Cincinnati to record a rap song he wrote as a farewell speech of sorts/ tribute to his former boss and friend, Richard Holbrooke, at the state department where he held a position as senior advisor on Afghanistan and South Asia. The three bearded gents discuss the song, Barney’s experiences in and around South Asia, working in government, his current position as director of the Center on International Cooperation at NYU, Barney’s early life, and his passion for music, wine and food.