skoolcop asked: I had a dream about you last night! You were doing this sort of contest and said you'd fly a fan out to a show and hang out with them or whatever if they tattooed your name on their body. I got your name tattooed across my toes and sent you a picture and you were like "I can't believe a fan was fucking stupid enough to tattoo my name on their body!!!" And you didn't give me tix ://

This is perfect.


This week’s episode of THE WANDERING WOLF features the great novelist, Tao Lin!

Episode 48- Tao Lin. Yoni meets up with young novelist, Tao Lin at Tao’s Manhattan apartment. The two get acquainted and discuss Tao’s latest novel, Taipei, the writing process, writing on weed, dating, internet dating, dating fans, bad reviews, and detachment.

imafungi123 asked: Lets say I rap, what would have to be done in order for you to be interested in helping me create a mixtape? Do you have a label?


Episode 47- Moshe Kasher by THE WANDERING WOLF on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds ›

thosedyingdays-deactivated20140 asked: Yoni! I've been listening to your podcasts when I make breakfast in the morning and during my commutes to and from work, and I appreciate the way you think. I recently broke up with a girl and lost a signed copy of Elephant Eyelash in the fallout. She has my copy of Alopecia too. I was hoping you could offer, to me, some of the sharp insight I've been picking up from you in podcasts lately. Do I let it go, or is it okay to break months of silence to get my favorite albums back?

Those albums are precious. Get your shit homie!

Me and @lordemusic and @sonlux!!!

colour--cult asked: I once dream offered you a post coitus bacon snack - you told me it wasn't kosher with a look of disdain. Can't wait for the day you truly hate my guts. xoxo

I’d be glad to eat your bacon any time. I love your guts.

dreambeam made this.

Episode 45- Mike Bridavsky (Li'l Bub's Bud) › ›