twoweirdsmakearight asked: how much weight did you lose while shooting the video for Paper Hearts

Not as much as Christian Bail lost for The Machinist but more than Matty McConnehy lost for Dallas Buyers’ Club. You do the maths.

kramerface asked: If you were impotent in my sex dream with you is it still flattering?

Wow! What a realistic dream! You’re very intuitive.

ma-viemonamour asked: favorite city to visit?

The one in which you reside.

n-senada asked: have you (successfully) convinced Mr. Johnny Rockwell to do the podcast yet?

Yes. It’s just a matter of logistics.

tangledlikecables asked: There are references to you all over my page. I've been in love with you since I was thirteen.

Let’s like get married or something.

cloudstastemetalic asked: I need a strange sound to add to a song I'm working on. What earthly object should I use to make said sound?

Pumpkin. Baby oil.

ghonchehhh asked: Artist, album, or song that resonates with you the most ?

Buhloon Mindstate

twoweirdsmakearight asked: what's your latest obsession music-wise?

The Champs podcast

pipesandpipesandpipes asked: plans to tour any time soon?

You tell me boss.

mugrat asked: i once had a dream you drove a dark red iroc and were a total dick to homeless people is this accurate at all?

This sounds strikingly similar to my life.