xerui asked: what's your opinion on the rapper M.I.A. ?

Never heard if him

ahmabehr asked: Do you feel there's a reason that so much of your fanbase has dreams of you pulling out of character antics? Do you find it flattering or just creepy?

All press is good press right? I’m the awkward Freddy Elm Street of this soft convoluted rap shit.

sleeveless asked: what's your favourite thing to talk about? favourite moment from a concert (yours or otherwise)? favourite season?

Nasty stuff. Drama. Gossip.

sidnewman asked: Would you run away with me? Or more like, can I run away and be your wife? you can have a side bitch if you really want.

This is a pretty tempting offer… Send audition tape.

tg-kissbad asked: do you remember driving with me after a show last feb in madison (i set up the show/we did laundry), and a guy eating pizza started yelling something to me and making gross faces, and you yelled "DOOUCHE" at him? that was so important.

I’m sure he deserved it.

juseayju asked: Will you come to Louisiana this year?

God only knows

girlpath asked: Have you won a lot of rap battles?

In my mind

theuniversityofthewaves asked: can I call you rascal

Can I call you Baby Elvis McGraw?

leenka asked: Would you let me hug you?

Sure. Why not.

your-raspberry-rose asked: Could you please do a show in Ohio soon ? I need some live Why? in my life

What’s your address? I’ll send the guys for a private serenade.