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drowsyflower asked: did you ever go through an embarrassing phase in your teen years

I’m still in it.

an embroidered Why? patch done for a fan by a fan, hope you dig it


New episode of THE WANDERING WOLF available now!

Episode 43- Valentine’s Wrap-up (Listeners’ Calls). On February 15th, after Yoni calls a bunch of podcast listeners to discuss love and relationships. Many different points of view are taken, from full on walking on sunshine, to complete disbelief in love.

crybbi asked: Which album of yours do you favor? (including Hymie's Basement and cLOUDEAD)

I love/hate all my babies equally

oxygender asked: How do you feel about clarinets? You like clarinets ? You like hot cross buns ? On the clar ine?t

Yes. I like all these things

xerui asked: what's your opinion on the rapper M.I.A. ?

Never heard if him

ahmabehr asked: Do you feel there's a reason that so much of your fanbase has dreams of you pulling out of character antics? Do you find it flattering or just creepy?

All press is good press right? I’m the awkward Freddy Elm Street of this soft convoluted rap shit.