ma-viemonamour asked: favorite city to visit?

The one in which you reside.

n-senada asked: have you (successfully) convinced Mr. Johnny Rockwell to do the podcast yet?

Yes. It’s just a matter of logistics.

tangledlikecables asked: There are references to you all over my page. I've been in love with you since I was thirteen.

Let’s like get married or something.

cloudstastemetalic asked: I need a strange sound to add to a song I'm working on. What earthly object should I use to make said sound?

Pumpkin. Baby oil.

ghonchehhh asked: Artist, album, or song that resonates with you the most ?

Buhloon Mindstate

twoweirdsmakearight asked: what's your latest obsession music-wise?

The Champs podcast

pipesandpipesandpipes asked: plans to tour any time soon?

You tell me boss.

mugrat asked: i once had a dream you drove a dark red iroc and were a total dick to homeless people is this accurate at all?

This sounds strikingly similar to my life.

dazelynn asked: what kind of approach do you take when writing songs? what's the creative process like for you?

There’s a lot of thunder and lightening involved. And candles.

selfportraithandpuppet asked: Just how much ass is my URL kissing right now

All of it