bottomoftheoceanshedwells asked: What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

Wack Emcees

theyellowcielo asked: are you coming back to the bay any time soon??

Possibly in the spring :)

smallstrawhat asked: Hi Yoni. :) How is your health?

It’s not too bad. Thanks for asking. Need more sun.

hellanaps asked: favorite kind of bagel? (everything, onion, etc.)

Bologna on hand

patrickrandolph asked: I met you in Lawrence and you asked where a juice bar was and I didn't know at the time. There was a juice bar about 50 steps away. I felt like such a failure. I missed my chance. The juice. The juice.

Dawg. I was talking about a ‘roids dealer.

reminderoflife asked: what song of yours are you most proud of?

I haven’t written them yet.

slapshtick asked: Who is your favorite comedian?

Elaine Bennis?

hyacintia asked: whats the most fun you've had on tour?

Calgary 2015!

fencehopping asked: Socks with sandals clearly gets the green light, how about socks with crocs?

Never tried it but sounds awesome!

everythingforever asked: Least favorite zodiac sign?

I love all Ja’s children.