smallstrawhat asked: Hi Yoni. :) How is your health?

It’s not too bad. Thanks for asking. Need more sun.

hellanaps asked: favorite kind of bagel? (everything, onion, etc.)

Bologna on hand

patrickrandolph asked: I met you in Lawrence and you asked where a juice bar was and I didn't know at the time. There was a juice bar about 50 steps away. I felt like such a failure. I missed my chance. The juice. The juice.

Dawg. I was talking about a ‘roids dealer.

reminderoflife asked: what song of yours are you most proud of?

I haven’t written them yet.

slapshtick asked: Who is your favorite comedian?

Elaine Bennis?

hyacintia asked: whats the most fun you've had on tour?

Calgary 2015!

fencehopping asked: Socks with sandals clearly gets the green light, how about socks with crocs?

Never tried it but sounds awesome!

everythingforever asked: Least favorite zodiac sign?

I love all Ja’s children.

twoweirdsmakearight asked: how much weight did you lose while shooting the video for Paper Hearts

Not as much as Christian Bail lost for The Machinist but more than Matty McConnehy lost for Dallas Buyers’ Club. You do the maths.

kramerface asked: If you were impotent in my sex dream with you is it still flattering?

Wow! What a realistic dream! You’re very intuitive.