Me and @lordemusic and @sonlux!!!

colour--cult asked: I once dream offered you a post coitus bacon snack - you told me it wasn't kosher with a look of disdain. Can't wait for the day you truly hate my guts. xoxo

I’d be glad to eat your bacon any time. I love your guts.

dreambeam made this.

Episode 45- Mike Bridavsky (Li'l Bub's Bud) › ›

drowsyflower asked: did you ever go through an embarrassing phase in your teen years

I’m still in it.

an embroidered Why? patch done for a fan by a fan, hope you dig it


New episode of THE WANDERING WOLF available now!

Episode 43- Valentine’s Wrap-up (Listeners’ Calls). On February 15th, after Yoni calls a bunch of podcast listeners to discuss love and relationships. Many different points of view are taken, from full on walking on sunshine, to complete disbelief in love.

crybbi asked: Which album of yours do you favor? (including Hymie's Basement and cLOUDEAD)

I love/hate all my babies equally

oxygender asked: How do you feel about clarinets? You like clarinets ? You like hot cross buns ? On the clar ine?t

Yes. I like all these things