LA! Tonight! The Echo! Early show! Doors 5:30. Anticon DJs 6:00. Serengeti 7:00. Me 8:00.

Episode 54- Rachel Wolf (Yoni's Mom) ›

Have you copped my mixtape yet? Get it now. And come see me live.

Come see me, Yoni Wolf, ignite mics and leave brains ablaze with my travel companion @serengetidave

Episode 53- Avi Finkelstein (Childhood Friend)& Josiah (Brother) ›

Bad Entropy (Buzzcut Mix) ›

Episode 52- K Ishibashi (Kishi Bashi) ›

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This week’s episode of THE WANDERING WOLF features TWW alum and hilarious comedian, Ryan Singer!

Episode 51- Ryan Singer 2. Stand-up comedian, Ryan is in Cincinnati to do the Bob and Tom morning show. Yoni takes the opportunity to catch up with his buddy. They meet up at Ryan’s hotel and talk about consciousness, praying mantis sex, the Drive By Truckers, female ejaculation, road hook-ups, crowd work, and how Gargamel turned evil.


Yoni’s conversation with urban dance veteran Ephrat Asherie for THE WANDERING WOLF!!

Episode 50- Ephrat “Bounce” Asherie. As part of a proposed documentary Yoni has agreed to be a part of, he meets up with dancer/choreographer, Ephrat, for a conversation in her lower Manhattan office/studio. They discuss her genesis and history as a dancer, transitioning from more traditional styles like ballet to urban styles like breaking and house dance, and how to salvage a laptop after spilling tea all over it.