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ignorantsoso asked: On a serious note. I'm finding it hard to write anything poetic. As crazy as it sounds, I'm scared to read what’s going on in my head, because it just fucks with me. Have you gone through this? What’s the best thing I should do?

Go running. Do yoga. Eat healthy. But don’t hold the words back if it’s how you emote. Your mind will mellow in time. It’s science.

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Episode 63- Angel Deradoorian by THE WANDERING WOLF on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds ›

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nephilim1412 asked: Any plans to run another kick starter or anything for donations for that documentary? It looks too good to not see.

I was the subject not the creator. But after like a million hours of footage I think they gave up when the kick starter failed :(

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radiantxchild asked: What piano-like instrument did you use on The Hoofs? Was it a marxophone?

Toy piano and spinet piano stacked I think. Doug played it.