Episode 63- Angel Deradoorian by THE WANDERING WOLF on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds ›

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nephilim1412 asked: Any plans to run another kick starter or anything for donations for that documentary? It looks too good to not see.

I was the subject not the creator. But after like a million hours of footage I think they gave up when the kick starter failed :(

Episode 58- Tabitha Soren ›

Episode 57- Giovanni Marks (Formerly Subtitle) ›

radiantxchild asked: What piano-like instrument did you use on The Hoofs? Was it a marxophone?

Toy piano and spinet piano stacked I think. Doug played it.

helloasscream asked: Will you be bringing your solo shows to England?

I’d love to!


This week, Yoni speaks with the incredible, Regan Farquhar, aka/pka/bka Busdriver!

Episode 56- Regan Farquhar (Busdriver). In the midst of Yoni’s solo tour, in LA, he meets up with Regan for a talk in anticon manager, Shaun Koplow’s Echo Park apartment. They discuss Regan’s history, Project Blowed, Hellfyre Club, being a grizzled vet, and veganism.

ignorantsoso asked: Why are you such a mythical being?

Practice practice practice

@smickable says, New TOO SOON! I sit down w/ @YoniWolf of the band... ›