sidnewman asked: Would you run away with me? Or more like, can I run away and be your wife? you can have a side bitch if you really want.

This is a pretty tempting offer… Send audition tape.

tbg-kissbadleu asked: do you remember driving with me after a show last feb in madison (i set up the show/we did laundry), and a guy eating pizza started yelling something to me and making gross faces, and you yelled "DOOUCHE" at him? that was so important.

I’m sure he deserved it.

juseayju asked: Will you come to Louisiana this year?

God only knows

girlpath asked: Have you won a lot of rap battles?

In my mind

theuniversityofthewaves asked: can I call you rascal

Can I call you Baby Elvis McGraw?

leenka asked: Would you let me hug you?

Sure. Why not.

your-raspberry-rose asked: Could you please do a show in Ohio soon ? I need some live Why? in my life

What’s your address? I’ll send the guys for a private serenade.

johnybravo69 asked: Will you sex me right?

Sure, Luke.

bottomoftheoceanshedwells asked: What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

Wack Emcees

theyellowcielo asked: are you coming back to the bay any time soon??

Possibly in the spring :)