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lunabxbe asked: Hey Yoni. I spend a lot of time listening to your music & your podcasts - you could say you're a pretty big influence in my life. Thanks for that. Anyway I'm having a pretty shitty time in my life right now trying to find myself, build a good relationship with myself, & get passed a bad breakup. Cliche, I know.. I guess I was wondering if you could recommend me some of your favorite books or something? I don't know. Maybe something that got you through some shit. Thanks, much love. Shaylee x

Hmmm thats a tough one.  I’m glad you are in a mode of trying to get to know yourself better.  That’s where I’m at too.  I’ve just started to meditate every day and journaling and am trying to work a little more regular hours.  I read a meditation book by russel simmons that was pretty cool.  Not that it’s a good read but I think the subject matter is kinda important.  try reading some poetry.  I like Galway Kinnell.  listen to some good music.  I like Majical Cloudz and Neil Young and Radiohead rn.  Do a lot of exercise (i like running and yoga) and eat healthy food (low in grains and carbs and high in protein)  and you will be feeling better in no time :)

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v-for-valkyr asked: okay im intoxicated enough to ask; how do you separate the final lyrics from the emotional experiences that inspired them? how do they become so concise?

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The debut EP of my new project, Divorcee (with Anna Stewart) is now available for sneak peek streaming at http://www.spin.com/articles/divorcee-EP-why-stream/

This is the album cover.

Side saddle like a lady in Victorian dress

I thought you might like this nice picture of you on a pony in Cincinnati.