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thesewergrate asked: What is your Myers-Briggs personality type?

Y. O. L. O.

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oldmistyaeons asked: hi yoni. i just went through a bout with my crohn's disease, and just wanted to say that from entering the hospital to recovering at home now, "by torpedo or crohn's" has been a relieving song to have playing on nearby speakers or inside my head. i hope you're doing well with your own case, and if you ever feel like writing about your experience with the disease—and how came to write music about it—i for one would be interested. i'll understand if it's a sore subject though! take care, caleb.

I’m glad you are out of the hospital brother. For me, it’s always a challenge but I’ve been good the past couple days. I’m constantly tweeking my diet and exercise and work routines. I try to think of the disease as a spiritual issue with gutters to keep me rolling straight down the lane. I’m sensitive to everything. Health is in perfection but I try not to be discouraged if things aren’t perfect. In this one life, you have to just roll with the punches and caresses too. Can’t be too affected.

#TBT Me end frens sumer


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lunabxbe asked: Hey Yoni. I spend a lot of time listening to your music & your podcasts - you could say you're a pretty big influence in my life. Thanks for that. Anyway I'm having a pretty shitty time in my life right now trying to find myself, build a good relationship with myself, & get passed a bad breakup. Cliche, I know.. I guess I was wondering if you could recommend me some of your favorite books or something? I don't know. Maybe something that got you through some shit. Thanks, much love. Shaylee x

Hmmm thats a tough one.  I’m glad you are in a mode of trying to get to know yourself better.  That’s where I’m at too.  I’ve just started to meditate every day and journaling and am trying to work a little more regular hours.  I read a meditation book by russel simmons that was pretty cool.  Not that it’s a good read but I think the subject matter is kinda important.  try reading some poetry.  I like Galway Kinnell.  listen to some good music.  I like Majical Cloudz and Neil Young and Radiohead rn.  Do a lot of exercise (i like running and yoga) and eat healthy food (low in grains and carbs and high in protein)  and you will be feeling better in no time :)

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v-for-valkyr asked: okay im intoxicated enough to ask; how do you separate the final lyrics from the emotional experiences that inspired them? how do they become so concise?

Objectivity. Editing.

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